About Cosmos Aromática

We are one of the leading Spanish manufacturers of food flavours, boasting over half a century of experience in the design and production of our products.

We have grown alongside our clients, sharing joys and successes. Unforgettable moments have allowed us to progress and mature, not only as businesses but also as individuals, leading us to create very strong bonds based on professionalism, transparency, and mutual trust.


Our products

Our goal is to add value to our clients by developing customized aromatic solutions, based on knowledge and experience, with the aim of conveying the best sensations to consumers.

To achieve this, we support our clients throughout the life of their products with a wide range of personalized services that meet their needs.

To accomplish this, we offer professional and personal development opportunities to our collaborators and build solid alliances and relationships with clients and suppliers.

All of this within the framework of ethical behavior based on our principles and values, and with the conviction that it is the best way to increase the company’s value in the medium and long term.


To be a leading figure in the beverage industry, offering complete support services and aromatic solutions that stand out for their quality and affordability, while being tailored to individual needs.

Attract and retain top talent with a sense of belonging and commitment to our mission, principles, and values.


– To achieve quality, satisfaction, and food safety for both the client and the consumer.

– Service as the foundation of our relationship with clients, resulting in responses tailored to each of their specific needs.

– Creativity and innovation are essential tools for business growth.

– Communication as a tool for management and internal integration, as well as within the food chain.

– Ethics, workplace safety, and respect for individuals, as well as compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, form the basis of our internal and external relationships.

– Conservation and preservation of the environment.

– The company’s international vocation.


Founded in 1952 by visionary Aurelio González González under the name COSMOS AROMAS Y SABORES, our company began its journey dedicated to the marketing of flavours throughout Spain. Since then, we have preserved the essence of our legacy: 100% Spanish and family-owned capital, unchanged over the years. Our journey has been marked by a diverse and rich offering, with over 10,000 references developed, aimed at food companies of all kinds. We started by focusing on the world of soft drinks and, over time, have expanded our presence to sectors as varied as liquor, snacks, dairy products, ice cream, chocolate, confectionery, bakery, and even perfumery, cosmetics, pharmaceutical products, and animal husbandry.

In 1965, we marked a milestone by moving our facilities to L’Ametlla del Vallès, unifying the various production spaces and offices we had in Barcelona, thus consolidating our growth and our vision for the future.


Integrated policy for quality and food safety

From the beginning, we have focused on the quality of our products and on providing excellent service to our customers, aiming for lasting relationships that enable us to satisfy both our customers and our team members.