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The quality of our flavour emulsions are a reference in the beverage sector, our vocation and specialization has made us experts in all kind of emulsions: neutral, with natural colours, with artificial colours, based on arabic gum or modified starch, with bidistilled citrus terpenes, medium chain triglycerides or with vegetable oils, with or without density correctives (weighting agent).

Our know-how and strict selection of our raw materials allow us to ensure the stability of particle size and the absence of collar in the beverages.

Cosmos offers the possibility of choosing the taste, colour and turbidity desired in a beverage, by means of prototypes with the basic ingredients added separately, in order to integrate them in a single product, once the desired result has been obtained.

Neutral emulsions

These are emulsion that only add turbidity to the beverage. They do not give any strange taste. We have different families of products, each one designed for the different types of beverages.

For citric beverages of low turbidity, we have emulsions based on distilled fractions of essential oils, and for other tastes or beverages of high turbidity, we can offer emulsions based on triglycerides or refined vegetable oils.

Flavour emulsions

They provide turbidity, flavour and taste to the beverage. Our wide range of flavours covers almost all the needs of the beverage sector, and our know-how allows to integrate them into the emulsions.

For each project we analyse the particular requirements and offer tailor-made solutions for our customers.

Colour emulsions

Most of the artificial colours, as well as some natural can be added into the emulsion with the objective of providing the flavour, the taste, the turbidity and the colour required for the project with a single ingredient.

In collaboration with our customers, we start by designing the flavour profile of the beverage, then adjusting turbidity and colour required, integrated in a completely stable product with all its parameters perfectly controlled.