Our slogan in 1952 was: “Quality is not obtained by chance”. We all know that it is not easy; but quality is the result of a big effort, a full-time commitment of a complete and related team, with a common goal: Excellence.

We do not know any other way to achieve what the market demands and what our customers deserve. Therefore, our determination in doing things right has not changed and we are more and more convinced that Quality is not obtained by chance. 

Quality management system certification

UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 Nº ER-0215/1997

Date of first emission: 1997-04-01
certificado-iso9001.pdf (194 KB)

Food safety quality management certification

UNE-EN ISO 22000:2005 Nº SA-0028/2011.

Date of first emission: 2011-11-07
certificado-iso22000.pdf (188 KB)

Certification Food Safety System

FSSC 22000:2010 including ISO 22000:2005, PAS 220:2008 and additional FSSC4 Nº FS22-0015/2011

22000 requirements
Date of first emission: 2011-11-07
certificadofs22-2011-0015_in_2017-10-03. (183 KB)

Health registry

Registro sanitario Nº 31.00005/B
Inscription date: 1975-07-01
registro-sanitario.pdf (769 KB)

Catalan agrifood laboratories registry

Registro de Laboratorios Agroalimentarios de Catalunya Nº 114 RECONOCIDO
DOGC núm. 5433 - 31/07/2009
registre-de-laboratoris.pdf (928 KB)

Environmental health and food laboratory registry

Registro de laboratorios de salud ambiental y alimentaria de la Agencia de Salud Pública de Catalunya Nº LSAA-280-12
Inscription date: 05/06/2012
lab-asp.pdf (831 KB)

Kosher Certificate

KOSHER certificate

Issued by organisation OK KOSHER.
kosher-empresa.pdf (691 KB)