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In Cosmos we use all of our experience and enthusiasm in order to create flavours that are an accurate reflection of nature, of our creativity and our capacity to understand and work as a team with our customers. We search for cooperation in a framework of absolute trust, transparency and confidentiality.

Among the different flavouring possibilities, we choose the best for our customers, considering their lifestyles, trends of each market, product placement and anything that can contribute to our customer’s success, as well as our own. With that purpose, we have a wide range of flavours, natural, synthetic and FTNF, as a result of our more than 50 years of experience. This range is being updated and extended year after year.

Natural Flavours

The evolution of society and its set of values tends to consider something natural as healthier and more desirable. This naturalness is also a legal requirement in the aromatization of most beverages, with a very strict standard for the usage of the word “natural” in their labelling.

Apple, strawberry, anise, orange, ginger, mango or passion fruit, Cosmos offers a wide range of natural flavours for most beverages, not only for those searching pleasure (soft drinks, liquors, by-wine products), but also for those where the nutritional aspects are most valued by their consumers (beverages with high juice content, functional beverages or vitaminized).

Synthetic flavours

After Karl Reimer synthesized vanilline from guaiacol in 1876, substances made from chemical synthesis started to be used in the manufacture of flavours, and what was an almost handcrafted activity, based on extracts of aromatic herbs and spices, turned into a big industry, developed along with the food industry.

Synthetic flavours have two main advantages over natural ones: high purity and low cost. They have also undergone a toxicologic evaluation process, which is constantly revised according to the criteria defined by EC, EFFA and FDA.

Although Cosmos history started a bit later, we can offer you the best options for synthetic flavours and natural flavours complemented with synthetic ones, in order to find the best value for money and so making your project more competitive.

FTNF flavours

Beyond naturalness, when the demand is in the origin, there exist some flavours generically called FTNF (100% extracted from the same fruit species). These flavours are obtained by procedures of extraction and concentration of the fruit, and are obtained simultaneously with their concentrates.

Spain is a country with a great riches and variety of fruit, and Cosmos has agreements with important fruit processing companies, which supply us with the raw materials for our flavours.