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Infusions and distillates of aromatic herbs in alcohol or wine were studied by monks in monasteries and chemists from 19th Century to mid 20th Century. They created many liquors with digestive properties and aperitives, that were offered to the nobility of the time. Many of their recipes have remained unaltered until today.

Italy has been the cradle of most of these beverages, like Amaro, but in any European country we can find delicious beverages elaborated with plant mixtures, as Chartreuse in France, Becherovka in Bohemia, Jägermeister in Lower Saxony and Kümmel in Russia.

All manufacturers have kept the original recipes in the strictest secrecy. We have no doubt about it, but our flavourists have studied one after another a considerable amount of aromatic herbs, we have optimized extraction processes from their active ingredients and have made the exact mixtures in order to obtain a wide range of extracts and natural distillations for many types of beverages, alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic.