Cosmos > Mission, vision and values


Bringing value to our customers by the development of customized flavour solutions, based on knowledge and experience, with the aim of providing the best sensations to our customers.

To do so, we accompany our customers through their products lifespan with a wide personalized service, offering an answer to their needs.

We offer opportunities of professional and personal development to our partners, and we build alliances and strong relations with customers and suppliers.

The above process is being carried out, within the framework of an ethical behaviour based on our principles and values, with the assurance that this is the best way to increase our company value over a medium and long term.


Being the model in the beverage sector, bringing an integral support system and flavour solutions with the best quality and prices, adapting to each need.

Attracting and keeping the best professionals with talent, sense of belonging and commitment with our mission, principles and values.


We believe in:

  • Achievement of quality, satisfaction and food safety for the customer and the consumer. 
  • Service as a base of our relationship with the customers, satisfying the specific needs that each of them has.
  • Creativity and innovation as an essential tool for of our company growth.
  • Communication as a tool for internal management and integration and in the food chain.
  • Ethics, job security and respect towards people, as well as the fulfilment of the legal and regulation requirements, as a base of our internal and external relations.
  • Environmental conservation.
  • International vocation of the company.