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Our company was founded in 1952 by Aurelio González González, as COSMOS AROMAS Y SABORES, after several years commercializing flavours throughout Spain.  Nowadays, the ownership of the company has not undergone any variation, and its capital is still 100% Spanish and all within the family. Along these years, our activity has been focused on offering our products (with more than 10.000 developed references) to the foodstuff companies from all sectors. Initially, our performance field was the soft drink industry, and later on, our activity was extended, gradually joining sectors so diverse as liquors, aperitifs, dairy products, ice cream, chocolate, candy and  bakery industries, as well as perfumery, cosmetics, pharmacy, zootechnic industries, etc.

The present facilities in L’Ametlla del Vallès were built in 1965, hence bringing together the different production sites as well as the office in Barcelona.

New corporate image 2005

For more than half a century, our company standard was the flower “Cosmea Bipinnata”, its eight petals being the proud witnesses of our journey until the end of 2004. Since 2005, our emblem looks up, as a symbol of our wishes and ambitions, and with the same hope of this rejuvenation we still put every effort into offering you our best services.

New slogan 2007

Our new slogan is “Flavours for Life”. It is a homage to a life dedicated to flavours, a life devoted  to the foodstuff industry, a life where all the people who are cooperating or have cooperated with us have left an indelible mark. In one word, it is a homage to all who have helped us to make a dream come true. A dream started by our founder in 1952 that remains in the new generations of cooperators, customers and friends of Cosmos.

New strategy 2008

In 2008, on the basis of our future planning, Cosmos started a new strategy, specializing in the drink sector, both in the soft and non-alcoholic drinks sector, and in the liquor and wine-by products sector.