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Consumption of soft drinks, in their different variations, is a part of our lifestyle. Each country, each community, has its own consumption habits and their flavour preferences. People’s present geographic mobility and the fact that they want to maintain their lifestyle, allows us to find products in our supermarket shelves that were impossible to imagine some years ago.

Each group of people has its own consumption needs for beverages, even if they want to quench their thirst or to take them during a social event. The market offers, under the generic concept of “functional beverages” (e.g. for sportspeople, for people with special food needs, for controlling the number of calories) different products each day, and this is an opportunity for most manufacturers in more dynamic markets.

As a result of our presence in emergent markets, Cosmos anticipates these demands, and we can offer not only flavours and recipes for different types of beverages, perfectly adapted to the taste of each community but also formulae of all type of functional beverages.

Cosmos knows well about concentrates, juices and compounds, natural colorants and their stability problems, vitamins and mineral salts, stabilizers for beverages and sweeteners, the changes that occur with each type of pasteurization, and the interactions with the containers, and of course, we know each legal regulations applied for soft drinks, but we are sure that flavour is the decisive factor for choosing in a market where the consumer has many alternatives for every product.

With all that information we can suggest and collaborate with innovating proposals that can easily adapt to your market, for the concept of the beverage, its flavour and its cost, all with the guarantee of your experience, which allows us to offer prototypes without long studies nor complicated stability tests.

Carbonated soft drinks

After water, carbonated drinks are the biggest segment of soft drinks (lemonade, cola, orange or lemon soda). Cosmos has a wide range of flavours, for these classical applications as well as for others like bitter, strawberry, apple or pineapple, for example. Good taste is our goal and our reason for being.

With the countless possibilities for the carbonated soft drinks, we can offer our customers, apart from flavours and emulsions, all other ingredients necessary for their beverages, or we can help you in their search and selection.

Still drinks

Still drinks concentrate the biggest efforts in innovation and new tendencies of the markets. Still drinks are the beverages chosen by consumers when they are in search of naturalness, the characteristic taste of fruit or a vitamin contribution. With a balanced combination of pleasure and nutrition, being completely integrated in diets for losing weight of with specific needs.

Energetic and functional drinks

Since the extraordinary rise of the low calorie beverages, followed by energetic drinks and sports drinks, no company foresees the launch of a new beverage without a functional contribution: necessary elements for the organism, recovery after energetic exhaustion or those beverages that help us regulating our state of mind.

In order to regulate the composition and publicity of this type of products, EC has established some mechanisms for authorization of new ingredients and the declarations of health properties that can be publicized in the products.