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Alcoholic drinks, more than non-alcoholic drinks, are intensely bound to culture, geography and religion of each community, but their consumption goal is the same in all societies: the pleasure they bring and their influence in the states of mind are their reason for being.

For centuries, alcoholic drinks have been by far the most common social beverage, sexist until some years ago. There exists a culture bound to each type of beverage, wine being the richest in all its aspects and where science and tradition live together in perfect harmony.

Society has, however, become more and more concerned about health in the last years and, without leaving these drinks behind, we have modified their consumption habits. Drinks with less alcoholic grading and mixtures of flavours as well as types of beverages are the base of innovation nowadays.

Cosmos Aromática has a long collaboration background with manufacturers of alcoholic drinks. As Spain is a country with a wide range of regional and national drinks (Anisette, Pacharan (sloe brandy), Ratafía, Brandy), we have dozens of recipes for all type of products.

Due to its orography and climate, Spain also produces a wide range of aromatic plants. In our 60 years of experience, we have studied them and we have all the necessary elements to extract the best of nature.


The generic concept of “spirits” gathers a wide range of beverages of more than 15º of alcohol content of agricultural origin. This being the common characteristic, possibilities are huge: some are manufactured through fermentation and distillation processes of some ingredients, others from alcohol, others can have sugars, colours, flavours and other ingredients as cream.

The production and naming of some beverages are connected to a geographic area as Pacharan from Navarra, Cassis from Dijon or Brandy from Jerez.

This market contains a number of different products, and it is very dynamic due to the continuous introduction of new flavours and their often short lifespan.

Besides, the higher and higher alcohol taxes, as well as the conciousness-raising about the reduction of alcohol consumption makes beverages to reduce their alcohol degree.


They are sweet spirits with a minimum sugar content. This beverage sector has a biggest allowance for flavouring as well as for the usage of ingredients and food additives, giving more importance to the creativity in the product design: in its image, and of course in the perfect balance between alcohol degree, sweetness and taste.

Cosmos counts with a number of high quality flavours in which our customers and your consumers can have confidence and enjoy.

Wine-by products

Wine is included in the group of food products that are not allowed to contain flavours. We can’t improve the unimprovable. But in the last few years of the 18th century, a man from Turin called Giuseppe Carpano used to serve a white wine-based beverage that he had macerated with a herb mixture, and that it was to be called Vermouth.

This was the origin of wine-based beverages created later, as the common Sangría, Glüwein and Bitter Soda. At the beginning of the 80s, Wine Coolers appeared in the market, as the successful “Tinto de verano” in Spain.

In Cosmos we truly believe in the future of these beverages, facing the almost exclusive monopoly of beer in the world of beverages with low alcohol content.  We are sure that consumers will appreciate wine-based alternatives for their free time, that is why we have a wide range of very original beverages, using white, rosé and red wine, with traditional tastes and innovative mixtures, with common wines and with wines with a denomination of origin.